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I began cutting Australian opals in  1997; that led to silversmithing for jewelry, which in turn led to traditional hand engraving.  As a silversmith I work strictly with forging and fabrication, there is no casting involved.  All my work is completed by fire and hammer.  I do what I do for the love of creation.... And to keep myself from playing in traffic.


My style is largely inspired by the flow and balance of nature and a distinct love of art deco and Celtic designs.  The uniqueness of my work is due in large part to being completely self -taught in all disciplines.  It can be a slow process at times, but the joy of discovery holds my interest and keeps the work fresh.


Hammered, Twisted and Bent is based out of Davenport Washington, however my “real” job has a tendency to take me on the road, and often my creations travel with me for diversion.


Custom orders are a specialty.  I love designing for individuals and pride myself in being able to pair my creations with all styles, tastes and desires.  From the beginning of the design process, my customers can control most every aspect of their project; or they can turn me loose with general guidelines and see where it takes them... It’s always a fun ride.  In the end, customer satisfaction is my number one goal.



If you have any questions or comments please feel free to drop me a line.



                                      Ryan A. Skiles                Sept 1010

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A Word Of Advice From Ryan:

“Any girl who checks her Cheerio's with a loupe at the age of 4 is going to be hell on the guy who buys jewelry for her in the future...”


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